September 2020 Note…

September has arrived and we are busy ensuring we are completely prepared to welcome our students in for a great start! We have been busy sanitizing, decluttering, and re-organizing our classrooms to ensure we follow the health and safety standards set out by Public Health. 

Our new normal will consist of some changes in the Senior High. Students will need to follow directional arrows in the hallways, use labelled staircases to go up and down the stairs, and wear masks in the hallways, on the bus, and in classrooms if they cannot distance chairs to standards. Students are to bring their water bottle each day to school, as there is no access to water fountains for students this year. Lockers will not be available this year. Breakfast will be provided in their homeroom class, and lunch will also be provided in their homeroom class. Always remember to have your temperature checked, each time you enter into the building and sanitize each time you enter any classroom. 

 Classes will resume as always. Students have been scheduled into their required courses and special attention was given to try to keep classes at an equal size to support the new distancing protocols in the classroom. Student schedules will be emailed to all 10-12 students prior to the start date and will be sent to their school emails. Personal Chromebook devices have been ordered for students, and will be arriving prior to their start date.

Career Cruising for Grades 9-12 will continue this year. This is a new approach to help students become more prepared for the decisions they will have to make on course selections and post-secondary institutions in their future. Our students will be using web resources as a tool to help them make these decisions. For the last 2 years all of our grads, who wished to attend a post-secondary institution were supported and accepted into the school of their choosing. This is an annual goal for each grad class to better support students in future success and academic achievement. 

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns that I can help you solveĀ JĀ