February 2021 Note…

Overall the students have had a great first semester.  Our first semester has come to an end, exams are          being finished this week, and we were all eager to start fresh with a new schedule, and new faces.

Our Grade 12 students are continuing their fundraising for their annual grad trip. They do a weekly WT80 draw. The cost is $10.00 per ticket, and the draw takes place every Wednesday evening. 80% of Sales go to the winner and 20% go toward the Graduation Class. We appreciate all that are supporting us, and hope to see some new names on there in the new year. Grad pics have been completed and grad rings were designed this week. 

Courses offered for the upcoming Senior High (10-12) semester are: English 10 Academic, English 10 IPP, English 11, Visual Arts 12, Math Essentials 11, Math 11 @ Work, Math 10 Academic, Math 12 Academic, Math 10 @ Work, Canadian Families 12, Textile Technology 12, Mi’kmaq Studies 11, Contemporary World Religions 12, Oceans 11, Physical Education 10, & Skilled Trades 10.  

All in all we are looking forward to what the next month will hold, and wishing everyone an early spring! 🙂 Happy February Everyone 🙂