December 2020 Note…

Overall, the students have had a great month. Report cards just came out last week, and we are now into the second half of our first semester courses. Christmas vacation is just around the corner and although it may seem they have an early break, we will be doing business as usual virtually for the next three weeks leading up to Dec 18th

In the English 12 we are working on our Play / Drama Unit –The Crucible. They will get an inside insight into what life was like during the 1600’s, during the tragic era of the Salem Witch Trials in Salem Massachusetts. 

Business Technology 11 has just finished up a keyboarding unit, and have been currently working on word formatting skills & letter writing techniques. They have formatted newsletters, used google maps, developed tables & calendars, written professional menus, created itinerary charts and are working on resume and cover letters currently. 

Happy December Everyone!