March 2021 Note…

Hello everyone! It is time again for another update on school activities. Here goes:

Math 11 Essentials – So far this semester we have been focussing on what investments are and how to appropriately plan investments that matter to you. We are discussing pension planning, GICs, mutual funds, and how the stock market affects prices. We looked at methods of data collection before this. Our next topic will be home finance and mortgage.

Math 11 At Work – So far this semester we have been focussing on calculating surface area of prisms. We are still engaged in this at the moment. We also have taken a look at converting Metric units to Imperial and vice versa.

Visual Art 12 – Students have been partaking in a number of drawing exercises, focussing on simple pencil drawings first. So far student work has been coming along very well. In the near future other styles of art will be studied including paint, design, and pottery. 

Keep up the good work everyone!