September 2020 Note…

Welcome to a new school year, students!  We look forward to serving you and making sure you have an enjoyable and successful year.

The Education Department and LSK School have come up with plans that aim to keep students, teachers, families and the community safe as possible during these current times.

We are adapting our classrooms to accommodate social distancing and teachers are preparing virtual lessons, due to a possible interruption in regular classes at school.  Students and teachers will begin a new technological way of delivering assignments and marks.  Change can be difficult, especially when conditions are uncertain but we shall keep moving forward.  I believe we have always been a resilient people for at least 500 years, and the proof is, we are still here.  I feel we can get through additional requirements and still reach our potential and goals.  I am hoping with this distancing we will communicate more, regarding questions, understandings and needs, so don’t be shy students.  As for parents, I can be contacted mornings at school and after class hours if you have any concerns you would like to discuss.  The ‘sooner the better’ is my motto.

My overall plans for my course this term is to infuse as much Mi’kmaq culture into the content of materials we use to meet the goals of each course.  For example, in the new Film and Video Production 12 course, students will be analyzing short scenes, character histories and movie reviews in order to create their own works.  We will view ‘Indian Horse”, which is a cinematic landmark dramatizing Canada’s First Nations history.  When we start filming near the end of the course, I am hoping to get the students out on the land filming natural elements and their processes.

I am looking forward to working with students and parents this year.

Carol Howe