Earth Day on the Cultural Trail

We took a walk through the cultural trail for Earth Day and observed all the signs of Spring and enjoyed spending time in the trail exploring the brook and forest. The students are very excited to go back soon to look for more signs of spring, tadpoles and flowers. (Sheri Brooks)


We had special guests from CMM join us for our Cultural Day. Quinton brought honey bees for students to learn about and we were able to plant some tobacco plants with Jillian. They will be coming back in June to help us transplant our tobacco plants and teach us about the Three Sisters Plants, corn, squash and beans.

May 2024

Kwe’ from grade 4’s. We had a great month in April. We are pretty excited that we are one of the classrooms that got picked for the Seeds for Success workshop. By participating, we received a Hydroponics growing Kit. We have already started to grow food in our classroom. We are currently growing strawberries, spinach, lettuce, basil, and tomatoes. The students are enjoying eating fresh lettuce and spinach right from the indoor garden.

The Grade 4-6 had the RMCP Constable Shawn join us to talk about consent. The students had lots of great questions. They were also very interested in his job. They got to try on his vest to see just how much extra weight he has to carry around on him.

The grade 4’s had fun breaking open geodes and gems. While learning about Rock & minerals.

April is Poetry month. So, they students have been working on a Poetry Book. It is a collection of their own poems of different styles. We can’t wait till its complete!

Hope for Wildlife

It was a cool, but beautiful day to finally be able to visit the Hope for Wildlife facility. Grades four and five enjoyed the visit.

LSK Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to our winners: Leela Simon-Julian (3rd place – Cookie Monster), Emmaline Knockwood (2nd place – Paranormal Reactions) and Jocelyn Augustine (1st place – Strong Stitches). Also special recognition to Treasure McDonald (Cultural Connections Project, Tomas Brooks (Environmental Project) and Dalanie Paul (Best Visual Display).