Principal’s June 2021 Note…

It’s June, Nipniku’s, leave budding time!  The weather is sunny and we can spend more time outdoors.  We are on the final stretch to completion of another school year.  We would like to thank all of the families for supporting us through online learning.    

It was very unexpected that we were able to return to in-person learning.  We were so excited.  It has been a very hard year for families, staff and students, but we did it! We are so excited to be able to reconnect with our children. 

In memory of the 215 Kamloops Indian Residential School children whose bodies were discovered, all staff wore orange shirts and/or ribbon skirts when we returned on  

The last day of classes for grades 9-12 will be Friday, June 11th, followed by a week of exams.  The last day of classes for K3 and K4 will also be Friday, June 11th.  The last day of classes for grades P-8 will be Thursday, June 24th, followed by our High School graduation on Friday, June 25th.     

Congratulations to all of our LSK graduates; you did it! You will always be one of the most memorable graduates, a Pandemic Grad.  More than half of your high school years were during a global pandemic and you prospered through the challenges of online learning and succeeded.  You have proved you can do anything you set your mind to even when faced with challenges.    

Our cultural trail is well on its way.  The bridge is almost completed and next we will be building a cookhouse, outdoor classroom, wigwam and sweat.  Next year we plan to add educational signage.  

This month’s seven sacred teachings we are focusing on is Tetpqa’q, truth.  Truth is to know all of the seven sacred teachings.  Truth is represented by the turtle because it was here since the beginning and carries all of its teachings on its back.  North America is called Turtle Island, as it is shaped like a turtle.  The turtle’s shell contains symbols that show the 13 full moons in a year as well as a 28-day cycle.  Living the truth is by living with all seven of the sacred teachings, wisdom, courage, honesty, love, truth, humility and respect.   

The staff at LSK would like to wish our students and families a safe and happy summer.