Principal’s February 2021 Note…

Apuknajit (ah-book-na-jit), February, is snow blinding moon.   In February we offer a spirit plate to Apuknajit, winter spirit , before the first full moon of the snow blinding month.   February is known to be the hardest winter month and by giving an offering we are asking for an easy month.  By offering a spirit plate we are also feeding the animals that our ancestors once relied on for food, thus taking care of our ecosystem. 

Students in grades 5-9 have created and placed rabbit snares in our community.  The grade six class have brought back 2 rabbits.  Students in grades 6-9 learned how to clean a rabbit.  Students are learning how to respect the animal, give thanks for giving its life for our teachings and netukulimk.  Students had the opportunity to have rabbit stew and to donate the rabbit fur to an elder.  The grade six class were able to share their story with APTN.  The pride in the school was unbelievable.  

This month’s seven sacred teaching is Kesaltultimkn, love. Love is unconditional. Love is like respect, you must love yourself before you can love others. To know love is to know peace. It is given without asking for anything in return. The eagle represents love because it flies the highestandclosesttothecreator. Eagles are loving parents and teachers To their offspring, protecting and guiding them. An eagle feather represents the creator’s love for us. Receiving an eagle feather sacred, special and considered to be the greatest gift. We will be teaching students love throughout the month.

Milford Foodland will be collecting donations for our cafeteria this month.  Toonies for Tummies will provide 100% of the donations made at Milford Foodland from February 11-25 to our Cafeteria.  All proceeds will go towards providing free healthy meals to our students for breakfast, snacks and lunch. 

This month we will also be hosting a meat box sale from Sysco. The cost of a meat box is $50 and includes individually wrapped 2 1lb ground beef, 4 8oz sirloin steak and 4 6oz chicken breast.  A portion of the sales will be donated to the student’s classroom to purchase additional classroom supplies and outdoor education equipment.   Nobody is obligated to purchase the meat box, but if you would like to purchase a meat box, funds will have to be received by March 1st and boxes will be delivered.

High school students have completed their exams and first semester.  February is the beginning of the second semester for highschool.  Grades 9-12 report cards will be given out February 8th.  Elementary report cards will be distributed April 6th.  Second semester symbolizes completion of half of the 2020/2021 school year.